Sunday, 3 July 2011

Month Music

A few of you guys have asked me to do a music post highlighting my favourite bands/songs.
I wouldn't put this music in one genre, it's a bit of everything I love at the moment really!

Lucy Rose ( The girl from bombay bicycle club's flaws)
James Blake (stole this off The Internet Garbage's recent post)
Crystal Fighters
Lykke Li
Jai Paul (not the rubbish Drake version)
Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling


I could go on and on, but I should really save some for a later post- maybe I'll do this once a month? What do you think?
Laura x


  1. Thats a really good idea! Maybe once a month you could blog a selction of artists you've been listening to. I'd be interested to find new songs to update my IPod! I love Santogold too.


  2. Love love love these songs! EVERY single one of them!xx

  3. IFB led me here, and I love your blog already. :) Lykke Li! I am in love with her music. And yes, definitely do something like this. I always love exposing myself to new music.

  4. woohoo new music! i don't even need to tell you that i love your blog, because you already know!

    we have some new posts up too if you're down for some new music!

  5. We seriously have such similar taste in music!! xx

    PS- Thank you SOSO much for recognizing me for that blogger award. You are the sweetest.

  6. Thank you for this! I just love your taste in music :)