Friday, 8 July 2011


WHAAAAT?! A/W'11 ALREADY?! I don't know about you but my summer has barely started- there's been torrential rain for the past three days, with out even a hint of sunlight! I haven't even started summer shopping yet! I'm thinking I go and buy an Apache poncho or gorilla jacket instead of a bikini!

I recieved an email from ASOS highlighting the trends of A/W'11. My favourite trends are probably Wild Things, Heritage and Cowboys and Indians. What are your favourite trends?

All images are from the ASOS website- text under images by Danielle Radojcin.
To read the report online click here


  1. I'm most def LA Vintage and Cowboys & Indians--but like you I just want to enjoy summer. Noooo to A/W thank you very much :)


  2. Im lovin the power jumper and wild things, i think it will really allow a statement to be made using what you wear! So exciting! xxxxx

  3. MOD SQUAD is by far my favourite trend. I love the MOD fashion movement - my brother dresses very mod and I really admire his taste in fashion. Very fine tailored and sharp.

    Love this post,


  4. I'm excited for Heritage and particularly the Power Jumper- nothing better than a big chunky knit on a winters day! But yes, a winters day. So i agree this needs to wait a few months yet. My summer wardrobes still feeling too sorry for itself and unloved!

  5. love the heritage and girlboy sections! Can't wait to rock that style in the fall :)