Friday, 15 July 2011

Paris Blue

I went on tour to Disneyland Paris with my school orchestra (so cool ahah!) and performed a quick concert. The rest of the three days were spent either upside down or spinning! I went on pretty much all of the rides and despite being 16, had photos with loads of characters!

I'm not one for memorabilia, so when I came back I was armed with french food and magazines instead of Mickey Mouse ears and T-shirts. The magazines were significantly cheaper than the ones sold in England so I bought a few.

Photos from Jalouse

Ooh and I bought some Violet Lemonade (which, btw, tastes like soap...)

French(ish) Playlist(Lykke isn't actually French!)

Lykke Li
Carla Bruni
Nouvelle Vague
Laura xx


  1. heya, thanks for you comment sweet, ive had so many people say that to me i cant see it to be honest, haha. violet lemonade!!! sounds nice shame it tastes like soap xxx

  2. That's so funny! I went with my school orchestra to Disney my freshman year of high school! Hope you had fun!

  3. I love Carla Bruni! I wish that I spoke French instead of Spanish sometimes! Glad that you had fun on your trip, and you are just like me, I would have been stocked with magazines too! x

    The Internet Garbage

  4. lykke li is so quirky and amazing! too bad the violet lemonade was a bust, it's so pretty!

    amy leah
    the coquetiquette

  5. awsome post and your header is super cute:)