Thursday, 30 June 2011

An apple a day

Will hopefully keep the doctor away.
I'm always catching colds, bacteria loves me! I find it strange that I always have colds in the summer, surely that's not normal!
So, Mr Apple, if it's not too much to ask, pleaaase keep the doctors away from me and let this summer be cold free!

Laura x

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

V & A

I've just completed a two day textiles course at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London). The course explored the work of Yohji Yamamoto and was lead by Juliana Sissons.

The task- I was to design and make a garment, influenced by the work of Yamamoto in the V & A exhibition.

His work ranged from simplistic japanese styles that looked somewhat traditional, to crazy stylised pieces, with slashed pockets, shibori and structured dresses.
 Yohji Yamamoto
Yohji Yamamoto

Looking round the exhibition, I noticed the use of drape, pleats and slashes for pockets and sleeves. Also, most of Yamamoto's designs were made out of a few regular shapes such a circles, triangles and squares. I tried to incoorporate these features into my garment.

My garment was made from two circles, a triangle and a rectangle- Pattern and toile making no longer seams like such a daunting task as it's so easy to create a garment with a few simple shapes.
Mine's the 2nd from right
Our garments were then displayed in the V & A as temporary installments- hopefully passerbys may  mistake them for genuine Yamamoto designs ahaha!

Laura x

Friday, 24 June 2011

A different kind of fix

Super excited about the new album from Bombay Bicycle Club, 'A different kind of fix'.

I first saw them at Latitude festival in 2009 (I think), they were pretty new and there was a crowd of about 60 people, it was as if I was attending a private gig! From that moment on I fell in love with their music- they created a massive energy amongst crowd; it honestly felt like there were more than just 60 there as the mood of their fans really matched that of a gig of 1000!

Evening/Morning- my fav song from their first album, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose

Flaws- One of my favourite songs to this day, from the second album, Flaws

and...drum roll please

I'm going to see them at Reading Festival 2011, it'll be great to see how they've progressed and how a massive gig compares to that very personal crowd of 60 at Latitude!

Laura x

Thursday, 23 June 2011


  I ate a really cute cake today. It had pink icing and a little lilac flower on it.
 Sadly, the only photo that was captured of it was when it was being demolished- but I can assure you, it tasted loooovely!

Laura x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Grazey days

After having my last exam, I came home and got straight into my pyjamas, all ready for a lazy day. TV *check*, Some great blogs to read *check*, Food *che... oh.*

I then thought-
"Wouldn't it be great if I could get some food posted through my letter box?".
Oh wait, hold on... I CAN!

Every Wednesday, a little box appears amongst the letters. It's a box full of food!
Graze is a selection of healty food delivered right to you door. Today I got-

Sweet Goan Curry Crackers, Mulberry flame, Beach Bum and Walnut Whip

In the meantime, have a look at the graze website- I dare you not to dribble!

Laura x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


You may have seen on the left hand side some links to some of my work, the pieces are all thanks to amazing opportunities given by Trashed- an online magazine for young people.
They've even been kind enough to add Blush & Zero to their list of favourites!!!

Please do check out my work, I'd love to know what you think!
Give Trashed a visit too, it's great!

Laura x


Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

But I didn't.

Been Listening to Jamie XX remixes instead

Gil scott-Heron/Jamie xx - Running


The XX Remix- You Got The Love

I would love to be able to say that these song are getting me through revision, but they're doing quite the opposite!

Have you got any musical distractions for me to check out?

Laura XX (ahaha)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Colour Please

At the moment, it's nearly all black and grey- not great for summer really.

These are a few things I'm going to own soon. Well, if I find the money, which will be highly unlikely as I don't have a job. So I'll just pretend for now that I'm going to own them!

1.Bikini-River Island 2.Maxi Skirt- Pretaportobello 3.Top-Urban Outfitters 4.Bag-Urban Outfitters 5.VestTop- Jack Wills 6.Skirt- H & M 7.Wax Jacket- Barbour

Study Leave

Study leave, a perfect time to...go shopping!
As I had a whole week between exams, I took the opportunity to shop for a summer wardrobe (or at least part of one!)
I hopped on a train to Oxford Street and I came back with...
A (slightly crinkled) cropped shirt- H & M

Patterned trousers- H&M

Playsuit- American Apparel

Bracelet- Urban Outfitters

A HUGEEE daisy hairclip- Primark

Primark are also doing some great daisy chain and sunflower chain headbands that look great for festivals. I need to get my hands on one of them!

Study leave well spent!

Laura x

Sunday, 19 June 2011


I've always wanted to start a blog, but there's never been a good time; exams seem to take over when school starts, but now that they're over I've the perfect opportunity to start blogging.

Well, I say now that they're over, what I really mean is now that GCSE's are over- I've still got to do all the others, so really, this is just the beginning of exams. I do, however, get a nice long break before I have to start thinking about school again (just over 2 months-score!)

Let me introduce myself-
I'm a 16 year old girl from London. I'm not going to bore you with the "I LOVE FASHION, MUSIC AND PHOTOGRAPHY" monologue given by most teenagers, but I will tell you a bit about what I enjoy doing-

  • I do ballet and contemporary dance, and that takes up a big part of my life with 5 lessons a week.
  • I play drums and flute, and like to pretend I can play guitar, however my guitar skills are limited to four chords.
  • I enjoy writing and have linked several of my pieces to my blog (linked on the left hand side)
  • I DO love fashion and music, but I'm sure I'll have several posts about them so I won't talk about either now!
  • As for photography, I can barely work a camera
Laura x
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