Friday, 24 June 2011

A different kind of fix

Super excited about the new album from Bombay Bicycle Club, 'A different kind of fix'.

I first saw them at Latitude festival in 2009 (I think), they were pretty new and there was a crowd of about 60 people, it was as if I was attending a private gig! From that moment on I fell in love with their music- they created a massive energy amongst crowd; it honestly felt like there were more than just 60 there as the mood of their fans really matched that of a gig of 1000!

Evening/Morning- my fav song from their first album, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose

Flaws- One of my favourite songs to this day, from the second album, Flaws

and...drum roll please

I'm going to see them at Reading Festival 2011, it'll be great to see how they've progressed and how a massive gig compares to that very personal crowd of 60 at Latitude!

Laura x


  1. I've never heard them before but I really like their sound! Hope you enjoy the show!


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  3. cute blog girl. i love that song xx

  4. i really love that song!

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  5. You've got a lovely blog, thanks for following me lovely! I've never really listened to Bombay Cycle Club, but Flaws is a beautiful song! :) Enjoy the upcoming gig! x

  6. very interesting sound! thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog...i'm absolutely following back!!

    amy leah
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  7. love love the song flaws! hadn't heard of these guys since yesterday with their song shuffle, but so far I am definitely a fan!

  8. finally someone! i am planning on checking out all of their stuff, but i heard "thing for me" and after accidentally listening to it on repeat 8 times i was hooked!
    thanks for your comment on the blog!