Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Jeeeeeze, Blush + Zero's now 1 year old!
I've been a bit lazy with updating posts, but I promise when summer comes there'll be loads.
Thank you so much to everyone who has taken time to read my blog, it means a lot.

Contrary to what I said last year, to mark the 1st bday I've decided to make a tumblr...


                                              The Internet- Love Song-1


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Field Day- REVIEW

Saturday 2nd June, East London’s Victoria Park was home to the one day event-Field Day Festival.  

I had heard bad reviews from previous years about poor sound quality and overcrowded tents. But the line up this year seemed too good to miss. Ignoring the masses opinion, I got a ticket anyway- AND IM SO GLAD I DID!!! 

Field day is an 18+ event, however they were relaxed with ID so if you’re thinking about it for next year, which you should be, don’t worry if you’re not quite the big one eight yet (I’m 17, and I know of a 15 year old who went).

I SAW-(click on a name for a youtube vid)
R. Stevie Moore (who btw, added me on fb hehehe)

I started and ended the day in dream like situations in tents with Julia Holter (an LA singer/songwriter/instrumentalist) and Mazzy Star (from da 90s). Both of which were just perfect. Julia Holter gave a whimsical performance, and the crowd pretty much stood there in awe- if you haven’t heard her, GET ON ITTTTT!!!

My highlight was definitely Grimes. She’s my girl crush so naturally in my eyes, can do no wrong. Clare Boucher was clad in Boy London with an oversized camouflage printed rain mac over the top (or maybe it was just oversized because she’s soooo tiny!) and what looked like platformed trainers. It didn;t take much for her to get a reaction; Grimes only had to make an odd noise into the mic in sound testing, or poor water on herself to get everyone to scream. My stepdad has interviewed her before and said that she admitted to being nervous about her upcoming gigs. No nerves were displayed in this performance. Somehow, this girl made jumping around the stage like an excited toddler look cool. If those were nerves, let’s keep her nervous!!

Field day was my first festival this summer, and if it’s anything to judge by, my summer’s gonna be gooood!!

Laura xx

Monday, 4 June 2012


                         OVERDUE, BUT I SAW WU LYF IN MARCH 

Apparently ‘Wu Lyf’ is a type of Chinese food, Pagan ritual and a Spiritual rehab centre. After successfully explaining that Wu Lyf is in fact a band, I was then faced with the difficult task of describing what Wu Lyf sound like. 

Self described as ‘heavy pop’, Wu Lyf’s gig was not a disappointment; the rawness of the album, ‘Go Tell Fire to the Mountain’ was more than successfully captured in their live performance. Front man, Ellery James Roberts delivered the vocals with that rough and strangely captivating voice. Guitar riffs and the distinctive ‘BOOM BOOM BOOM tiki tiki tiki tiki’ of ‘Dirt’ were played to perfection. What was missing was audience interaction. Knowing that they were often portrayed as mysterious band, I wondered what they would be like with the audience. After playing three or four songs (pretty much perfectly, may I add) without a word to the crowd, I began to lose hope for the interaction that makes live music worth it. At that precise moment where I thought all hope was dashed, Ellery James Roberts croaked into the mic; his speaking voice equally as cool as his singing. The gig only got better from there. 

Wu Lyf turned out to be a friendly group of ‘bros’, giving a fist bump and high fives to the crowd. Their show seemed to be the gift that kept giving, when after being cheered back on stage, the band demonstrated their diversity, giving their own take on Kindness’ ‘Swinging Party’. All in the intimacy of the venue Heaven, Wu Lyf‘s “last UK gig ever... well, ‘till we come back” proved to be a good one. 


Laura xx

Photo taken by me