Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Grazey days

After having my last exam, I came home and got straight into my pyjamas, all ready for a lazy day. TV *check*, Some great blogs to read *check*, Food *che... oh.*

I then thought-
"Wouldn't it be great if I could get some food posted through my letter box?".
Oh wait, hold on... I CAN!

Every Wednesday, a little box appears amongst the letters. It's a box full of food!
Graze is a selection of healty food delivered right to you door. Today I got-

Sweet Goan Curry Crackers, Mulberry flame, Beach Bum and Walnut Whip

In the meantime, have a look at the graze website- I dare you not to dribble!

Laura x


  1. Food in the mailbox? I wouldn't have to go to the grocery? HEAVEN!

  2. Just received your message on IFB, thanks for linking me to your blog! It's quite interesting. Commenting on this post because I too used to have a graze subscription, although I cancelled as I never ate them! Cue a mass of brown packages growing in the kitchen cupboards.

    The link to my blog is,


  3. This is so perfect! I always end up peckish, but my choices are either:
    -walk to the corner shop and buy marshmallows or crisps [I always trick myself into thinking marshmallows have no calories because they're so fluffy] or
    -drive to a big supermarket, waste petrol, buy a massive jar of olives and eat 5.


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