Wednesday, 29 June 2011

V & A

I've just completed a two day textiles course at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London). The course explored the work of Yohji Yamamoto and was lead by Juliana Sissons.

The task- I was to design and make a garment, influenced by the work of Yamamoto in the V & A exhibition.

His work ranged from simplistic japanese styles that looked somewhat traditional, to crazy stylised pieces, with slashed pockets, shibori and structured dresses.
 Yohji Yamamoto
Yohji Yamamoto

Looking round the exhibition, I noticed the use of drape, pleats and slashes for pockets and sleeves. Also, most of Yamamoto's designs were made out of a few regular shapes such a circles, triangles and squares. I tried to incoorporate these features into my garment.

My garment was made from two circles, a triangle and a rectangle- Pattern and toile making no longer seams like such a daunting task as it's so easy to create a garment with a few simple shapes.
Mine's the 2nd from right
Our garments were then displayed in the V & A as temporary installments- hopefully passerbys may  mistake them for genuine Yamamoto designs ahaha!

Laura x


  1. Your garment is very pretty. So light and airy!



  2. That looks lovely! Wow, great job!! That's such a cool course!

  3. love your design! i would think it was the real deal, looks awesome! you're lucky that you have such designing talent!

    thankyou for you comment on my blog! i'm glad i found someone else who likes metronomy! i think they're fun!

    ill definitely be back to your blog! good luck with your design course

  4. I went to this exhibition too with my boyfriend!

    I found it so fascinating. I sooooo desperately wanted to touch the clothes but I was too scared. To my devastation I saw two men touching all of the clothes as I was leaving, if I'd known you were allowed I would have!

    I loved watching the runway shows on the small screens too - there was one that showed a previous collection to do with "Brides", it was so haunting and beautiful.

    My boyfriend enjoyed it too as he loves Y3.

    I should have bought his biography, I might purchase it on Amazon soon.

    I'm following your blog now, so happy that someone wrote about this. Its inspired me to do the same in the next coming days.


  5. I saw this exhibition in the v&a last week. It was absolutely amazing! Great garment :) xx