Monday, 8 October 2012

Hair Stencils

Dip dye is definitely a thing of the past, and has been for some time now. Maintaining an element of individuality is seemingly more difficult now, as trends can be mimicked without a second thought. 

It started out as a way of expressing yourself through fashion, but it was snatched by the masses in an attempt to appear more 'alt' and for a while tumblr was pretty much swamped with bottle blondes with coloured tips. The new sub-trend is one that won’t be copied easily. Hair stencils take time and perseverance to get right, not to mention money! I can't see a DIY hair stencil being too successful and have concluded that it's probably best to get it professionally done... I also feel that stencils may work better on shaved hair. Although it does look pretty cool on lengthy hair, it’s got to be pretty impractical simply because of the way hair falls!

Has anyone tried hair stencilling DIY or Professionally?
Do you think dip dye lost its touch of individuality?

Laura xx

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