Monday, 12 March 2012

Lana Del Rey

So the LDR hype's pretty much over. When 'Video Games' first came to the attention of the blogosphere people were falling for her; the song fast became an anthem for umm... 'hipsters' and the question on everyones lips was "jheeeze are those real???" (her lips guys, c'mon). LDR got attention for her looks and her voice. Blogs such as Hipster Runoff even dedicated themselves to her, everything was going swimmingly well then... SNL happened. I watched her live performance wondering if what I was hearing was real. Luckily I saw it behind a computer screen because honestly, I feel if I were in the audience I wouldn't be able to contain my nervous laughter. The LDR hype turned from "OMG SHE'S EVERYTHING I WANT TO BE!!!!!!" to "o..m..g....." 

Saying that, I went and bought her album anyway. She's a good studio artist, I can't deny that. She's also a very beautiful girl. Where do you stand on the LDR spectrum? Is she selling records through her image or her music, and do you think she'll stick around?

Laura xx


  1. she is the best <3

    X the cookies

  2. I think she is selling records because her music but not sure if she will stick around for long.